Only Contents (1-855-KLEAN79)

Only Contents ( is a trusted leader in content packing, restoration and storage. Only Contents technicians are able to clean, sanitize and deodorize household contents that appear at first to be unrecoverable. Through the use of the latest in cleaning technology, precious keepsakes may be kept rather than lost forever. Trained professionals keep record of contents using the latest inventory systems, while documenting any damage for future evaluation. Once items are packed-out and moved to secure facilities for storage and restoration, customers can be confident that Only Contents (1.855-KLEAN79) will protect their personal property. Only Contents ( utilizes the latest equipment and training to not only clean items but also to improve speed and control costs.

Contents Services offered by Only Contents include:

•Pack Out and Moving Services
•Climate Controlled Secure Storage
•Cleaning and Decontaminating of Contents
•Electronics Restoration
•Fine Art and Antique Restoration
•Media Restoration
•Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair
•Dry Cleaning
•On Site Content Virus and Bacteria Decontamination
•Inventory of Salvageable and Non-Salvageable Contents

There are sometimes scenarios during the disaster recovery process that require prompt removal and relocation of contents for cleaning and restoration. For example, if a home suffers fire or smoke damage, it is easier, safer and more cost-effective to remove contents to another location for content restoration work. Our pack out and storage services will handle all documentation and removal of damaged contents that need restoration work.
From the boxes and tape to the transportation and storage, we provide full-service personal property packing and moving.

•With the use of Digital Photo Inventory (DPI) all personal property is organized and inventoried with meticulous care.

•Using ultrasonic technology, our content restoration services are able to restore most items that would previously be considered a loss. Items such as china, jewelry, chandeliers, artificial plants and much more are processed in our facility for fast, safe and gentle ultrasonic cleaning.

•Ozone is an oxidizing gas that destroys organic odor molecules such as smoke and protein. Ozone is the most effective method of deodorizing any area or material because as it oxidizes bacteria and viruses, it kills the organisms responsible for causing unpleasant odors. Within our facility is an Ozone Chamber designed and built for safe and efficient processing of furniture and contents.

•After the personal property is processed in our advanced disaster restoration facility, it is then stored in a secure and climate controlled facility until construction is complete and our client is prepared for its return.

•Following the cleaning and restoration process and temporary storage, personal property is returned to our client. The digital photo inventory created during the pack out allows for a more organized and easy unpacking.

With just one call to Only Contents (1-855-KLEAN79), you will have the industry’s most knowledgeable content restoration providers at your service.