Spring is Upon Us – Here’s Some Important Tip


April is upon us and with the full onslaught of Spring, we can expect rain. Only Contents (www.onlycontents.com), which is a nationwide company with offices in Michigan, Georgia, Florida and Illinois, has already seen large amounts of rain throughout the country this year. However, not all rain falls gently to the ground and Spring also means Severe Weather Season and the potential for flooding.

In case of damage or loss through fire or flood, having an accurate valuation of your belongings is essential. Now is a great time to update or complete a home inventory. You’ll give yourself a better picture of what you own and what its worth. With the rising price of precious metals, a good look at your jewelry is certainly warranted and technology changes so quickly that your 6-year-old laptop is now obsolete.

Most insurance companies have home inventory checklists in their offices or on their websites. If you prefer the digital route, apps and software are available. Some apps even allow you to attach photos and serial numbers directly to the inventory so all the information you need in case of fire damage, water loss or theft is in one location. (Be sure to keep a current list offsite.)

Once you’ve completed a home inventory, keeping up with changes is a snap. Just add or remove items to maintain an accurate list. A quick search for home inventory apps and software provides several choices.

MyStuff2 by Richard Maddy
itemizer by Digital2Analog Software Inc.
belongings by Creative Pandas Sarl

MyHome Pro: Home Inventory by Access Lane, Inc.
Home Inventory Organizer by SmartWare Inc.
Home Inventory by Matiose Mobile

ONLY CONTENTS (1-855-KLEAN79) is a professional contents restoration firm that is singularly focused on your personal property.  We digitally photograph, inventory, clean and restore your contents after a disaster hits your home or business. The ONLY CONTENTS (www.onlycontents.com) Personal Property Restoration Centers are state-of-the-art facilities. We use the most effective cleaning techniques available in our industry.  These techniques include ultrasonic cleaning, Odell electronics cleaning stations and ozone deodorization done by expertly trained employees with the “know how” to do it right.  Only Contents is process driven.  We duplicate success by following a detailed system each and every time we process a loss.  A photo record is made of all items as they are carefully packaged and inventoried.  Packaged items are then conveyed to our Personal Property Restoration Center where they are cleaned and processed, then stored in secure vaults until they are delivered back to your home.

presentation 011

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