Contents Pack Out Services

Contents Pack-out Services

In the event that the interior of your home or business has sustained severe damage, a “contents pack-out” may be recommended as a part of your emergency service procedures. This is the term used to describe the process of transferring your household or business contents to the ONLY CONTENTS storage facility for the purpose of cleaning and deodorizing them. The contents pack-out procedure also ensures your belongings do not suffer any further smoke or water damage.

If you decide on contents pack-out service, our professional technicians will digitally inventory the contents in your home and then carefully package and move your belongings to our safe warehouse facility. At our facility, your furnishings will undergo a thorough cleaning and deodorization process.

At ONLY CONTENTS we also realize that those facing an emergency still need access to their work and everyday clothing. For that reason, we offer emergency dry-cleaning and laundry services. Our cleaning professionals handle dry-cleaning and laundry room by room so that your clothing is stored in a logical manner. This valued service gives you one less thing to worry about during an already difficult time.

After your contents are cleaned and restored, they will be stored in our facility until your home repairs are complete or until you have made other housing arrangements.

Contact us today at 1.855.KLEAN79, that’s 1.855.553.2679 to learn more about our exceptional contents pack-out services.

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