We Understand This Is A Very Trying Time For You. You’ve lost more than just a house, or business, or “items”. This is more than “just” an insurance claim. This is your life; the things you live for and live with, either at home or in your business. Your insurance company, your adjuster, and your restoration company are dedicated to supporting you in getting back to normal; as much as possible, as soon as possible, and as hassle–free as possible.

In Most Cases, fire and water did not completely destroy all of your contents beyond repair. Probably, much of your personal property and other necessary contents have only been contaminated. Yes, with foul smelling odor of smoke or unsafe bacteria, or simply distorted from soaking in water, but not destroyed beyond repair.

Unfortunately, after your disaster, time is of the essence. There is little time to experiment with ordinary neighborhood agitation washing machines and detergents. That’s because the acids from soot and unhealthy microorganisms in contaminated water settle into the material, chemically and permanently altering it, leaving it in a non–restorable condition.

Fortunately, With Only Contents, much of your personal and sentimental contents can be returned to you in near pristine condition. You’d never know they had been through a fire, smoke, and water experience. Certified operators at Only Contents can usually restore and return back to you a large portion of your contents, clean and pristine. And in some cases this can be done within days. You or your children’s most precious, loved, sentimental, and hard to replace items can be restored rather than replaced!

Only Contents can restore fire and water damaged items, store them while your home or business is being fixed and deliver them back to you.  Only Contents will professionally handle your contents and return them after fire and water disasters in a clean, pristine, and completely safe and disinfected condition.  Call the experts at 1-855-KLEAN79 THAT’S 1-855-553-2679

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